WAH mods (Dunlop/Vox etc…)

Wah pedal to volume pedal. Our wah pedal mod can allow your wah pedal to also function as a volume pedal with the stomp of a switch. NOTE* the volume does not completely go off when the pedal is rolled back. You can get some great volume swells with this mod, but if you require it to shut completely off when rocked back it will not. You're wah will need a DPDT switch for this mod. $50 including switch

· Not happy with your wah`s tone? Re-voice (and rejoice). We can fine tune your wah pedal to sound just the way you want with changes in the values of a few resistors and capacitors. $35-45 depending

· Does your wah pedal have an input buffer? If it doesn`t then it`s messing with your tone if it`s in your signal chain… even when it`s off! Have us wire it to true-bypass to eliminate this problem. You'll need a DPDT switch for this mod. $50 including switch

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