Speaker Reconing

$50-100 depending on the speaker

Speaker Recone Before Here's an EV 15" 200watt bass speaker that is not putting out anything.  The coil also is measuring OL on our meter which means that the voice coil is most likely open.
Speaker Recone Fried Voice Coil After removing the cone from the speaker we're able to see why it wasn't working.  It's obvious that the voice coil was overheated and/or rubbed against the magnet and arced.  This is what we suspected before disassembling the speaker because we got an "open" OL reading on our meter when we tried to measure the voice coil DC resistance.
Speaker Recone Stripped Here's the speaker frame with the cone, voice coil, and spider removed.  We cleaned it up and prepared it for the new parts.
Speaker Recone In this picture the new spider, voice coil, and cone are all being glued in.  You can see the shims that ensure the voice coil is properly set in the magnet's gap.
Speaker Recone Dustcap Here the dustcap is being glued on.  The dustcap keeps dust and debris out of the magnet's gap.
Speaker Recone After Voila.  A perfectly good EV magnet and frame with a whole new cone!
For some great technical reading about speakers visit Ted Weber's page.