A setup is a thorough tune-up. It's easy to neglect your instrument and only bring it in for maintenance when something breaks or needs to be replaced. A setup can increase the healthy life of your instrument and might save you some money in the long term!

A basic setup includes: Redressing the frets (which cleans up intonation, reduces the buzzing, and increases their life expectancy) cleaning and oiling the fret board, tightening all hardware, restringing, adjusting nut slots, adjusting the truss rod and overall action, balancing the tremolo and intonation, cleaning and checking all electronics, adjusting pickup heights, cleaning and polishing the instrument.

At Dr. Fretgood we believe that instruments should be set-up every 3-4 months to maintain optimum playability and eliminate potential problems. In 3-4 months the weather has most likely drastically changed (Chicago !!) and/or all the little parts on your guitar have moved due to vibrations. Ask the Dr. about our Health Insurance Package with which you can receive a free setup!

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