Retube and set bias

We use JJ brand tubes for all retubes at Dr. Fretgood Inc. unless you request another brand.

Retubing an amp is often a necessity.  If a tube shorts or no longer lights up, it must be replaced.  However, many amps greatly benefit from new tubes before the unfortunate failed tube incident.  Yes the tubes may work, but they may be old and worn out and may be causing your amp to lack the umph and tone that it can deliver with a fresh set of tubes. So what do we do?  At Dr. Fretgood we highly recommend having a new set of extra preamp tubes on you at all times.  This way you can pop in new tubes and see for yourself if the amp's tone and dynamics come back to life.  You can do this yourself.  There is no need for a tech to do this... just pull 'em out and pop the new one in.  Power tubes are another story.  If you feel your amp is not sounding at its best Dr. Fretgood can stick a new set of power tubes in your amp and see if they wake it up.  It's best to have us do this because biasing of power tubes can be important.  Biasing more often than not is necessary and can improve the lifetime of your tubes as well as the clean headroom and tone of your amp.

The price of retubing depends on the type of amplifier.  Most heads are easier to work on than combos, therefore heads are typically on the less expensive end of the price range.

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