Dr. Fretgood repairs:
Tube Amplifiers: Guitar and Bass amps, stereo power amps.
Solid-state Amplifiers: Guitar and Bass amps, PA heads, powered speakers, stereo power amps.

THINGS TO CONSIDER before bringing your amp or pedal to Dr. Fretgood - Please check all your cables, different guitars, plug your gear into an outlet in a different location etc. If your amp is noisy or hums alot try unplugging your guitar from the amp's input. If that fixes it then it's your guitar not your amp. If your amp is cutting out jiggle your cord at the amp input and do the same at the speaker output jack. If the amp is distorted or there is no sound try another speaker or cab, it may be you need a new speaker. These quick tests will save you and The Doctor time and money. Ofcourse if these simple tests reveal nothing we're more than happy to take a look.