An incredible amount of brand new factory instruments, even the most expensive ones, come with a plastic nut. Nuts are an important factor in the overall tone and sound of your instrument. Sometimes an annoying buzz might be caused by a low nut that is allowing the string to vibrate against the frets. The slots in a nut might be too high causing bad (sharp) intonation on the first 4 frets and offsetting any possibility of having good action and playability throughout the rest of the fingerboard.

Play any open string as hard as you always play. If you hear fretbuzz you most likely need a new nut. Nuts may be “shimmed” but this is always a cheaper and less reliable guitar repair option.

There are many different kinds of nuts these days: Plastic, Corian, Bone (bleached, vintage and regular), Graphite and Bronze. We will work with you to find the right kind of material that will fit your guitar repair needs. Every nut is hand-cut, fitted and shaped from scratch for each specific instrument. We highly recommend to set-up your instrument to insure optimal playability. Ask about our setup and nut guitar repair packages.

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