TS9 mods (Tube Screamer mods)

· A Heart Transplant: Is your tube screamer sounding thin? Would like the tone of it to have more body? Have Dr. Fretgood mod your tube screamer with a new chip that sounds better. When we do this we will install an IC socket, allowing quick and easy installation of another chip or the old chip at a future time. $30

· We can also mod the tube screamer with different capacitor values to get more of a "brown" vintage tone out of your tube screamer. Or if you`d rather another tone we can tweak it to whatever tone it is you might be looking for. $35-45 depending

· Have us increase or decrease the distortion, or add more even order harmonics to the distortion. $35

· (The TS9 has an input buffer making true-bypass redundant)

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